The Guardian system allows service technicians and owners to protect their investment and keep operating costs low by monitoring a selected machine in real time through a wireless signal, and address any issues that may arise while the machine works. It also allows Roadtec customer service personnel to remotely view the machine in real time and be there for the customer anytime, anywhere. The engine, hydraulic system, electrical system, and grade control can all be monitored in detail. The machine can also be located by GPS using the Guardian system.

Diagnosing a machine equipped with the Guardian system is a much quicker and more efficient process. Guardian’s intuitive Live SchematicsTM allow owners and technicians to see all electrical circuits in a simple and efficient layout with real time status of all switches, valves and settings. Changes to the SmoothMillTM grade control system parameters can be made from a laptop without touching the machine. The Guardian system will also e-mail fault codes, service reminders and production reports to the owner and service department to keep them conveniently informed on the status of their machine. Staying up to date with the latest information on each machine will allow contractors to be much more proactive in monitoring and lowering their operating costs. The owner of the machine can log on to the Guardian system and view his machine’s speed, location, engine load, and fuel usage, all in real time, without being on the job site. It is like being on the machine.

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